Sacred Holes, 2018

Various paper, rubber, tin, acrylic, goache, plastic

Works that journey through sacred human holes – nipples that produce life giving milk, to genderless anus, and landing inside the womb of fluid bodies.

Vessels, 2021

I found a set of bones on the moon and sculpted some vessels to drink from.

The (W)hole That Got Us Through, 2021

Homemade hibiscus (national flower of South Korea) watercolor, my vulva, and movement on paper, 9”x12”
With each dip, we release.

Ancestral Quilt, 2019

Spirit of Great Grand Nana
Upcycled clothing and other fabrics, thread

Healing Time: Creating Living Archives
Abrons Art Center in Partnership w/ School of Making and Thinking

Encapsulation of an Aura, 2018 - Until supplies last

Fluid dance “necklaces” for all genders

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