“They’re life giving and life changing!”
- Sun Song 

“There is a new neural network that I feel opens up within me each time we have a discussion. I feel a deep connectivity and have come to some big realizations.”
– Michael Y.

“Nancy is queen. She always gives very precise feedback in a very concise manner. We always know what to do after a 1:1 with Nancy.”
- Former Student

“The best! Nancy is understanding, sharp, and very approachable. She gives enough creative autonomy to the student while ensuring that we are still working within a framework that we can benefit and learn skills from.”
- Former Student

“Nancy emanates compassion, intellect, and integrity grounded in humanistic thinking. Stern but fair, she differs from other traditional professors by not ascribing her solutions and methods onto students in an unsolicited manner. Instead, she encourages individuals to develop their own path, voice and interests, whilst sharing her experience and insight in support. Intelligent and sensitive to one’s emotions, her ability to listen and comprehend matters, result in feedback that is always thought provoking, pertinent and articulated in a clear manner. Through her curiosity and example, she conveyed the value of continuous learning and created a positive atmosphere amongst students. Showing us the importance of supporting each other, and resulting in an eco-system of communal scholarship.

More importantly, her influence extends beyond an academic sense. Her wisdom and advice has shaped my approach to life, imparting not solutions, but rather cultivating the right behaviors and skillset to face challenges that may arise. Always acting with humility, she possesses an astute sense of knowing when to inspire you to explore beyond your comfort zone, to instigate growth. Nancy’s gift of discernment leads her to understand an individual’s strength and weakness, allowing her to bring out the fullest potential of the people she works with. Cultivating a familial spirit in the team, she shows a genuine concern for the people working under or with her, seeking to uplift the human spirit through her guidance.”

Nicholas L.

“Nan(c(y)) has the magic touch! They helped me look into my own energetics and how and what I need, in order to make my space more live-able. So far working with Nan, I am able to be more conscious and understanding in my relationship to myself and my surrounding environment. I’m excited to work with them even more. My place is looking spectacular since then - it’s a difference of night (unconscious behaviors) and day (consciousness)!”

- Kiki 

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