Cose Sessions

E-mail for a ten minute consultation to see if it’s the right fit. Sessions can be one-time or ongoing. Packages can be arranged at the first meeting. Sliding scale is available for all sessions. (Please allow 3-5 days for a response.)

Observing Spatial Resonance
(1 hr) – $185
This session focuses on recalibrating inner (psyche, heart, soul) systems through understanding physical space. This will begin with an assessment of your space as it pertains to your well-being. Through an integrative approach, triggers and blockages will be identified and unique steps for physical transformation will be created. In addition, a specific made-to-order object can be ordered at this time.

Hypnosis Light
(30 min) $100
This will be focused on specific change, primarily using induction techniques in trance states, prioritizing the teaching of self hypnosis practices. 

Hypnosis Deep
(1 hr) $275
This is an integrative session, combining a wide range of healing modalities and focusing on creating awareness around buried traumas, inner child journeying, and present hardships, in tandem with hypnosis.

Diagramming Space – Hand/Mind Connection
(1 hr) - $185
This session highlights the importance of hand/eye coordination and the practice of nonjudgemental observation through drawing. Basics of hand drawing will be taught, along with skills to externalize thoughts and ideas to foster growth.

Design Consultation
(1 hr) – $250
This is a more design-centered consultation to improve an existing or new space,  tied to improvement of well-being. It will be planned to the specific design knowledge level of each person. A schematic design can be developed during the session and can be implemented right away.

Payment alternatives are available upon request for maximum inclusivity and accessibility, especially QTBIPOC, anyone identifying as part of a marginalized community, those affected by the current times and unemployment.

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