House of Cose
Integrative Education & Design
“When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.“ – Lao Tzu

House of Cose facilitates healthier inner and outer space. People possess the power to heal themselves and be exactly where they want to be in life. Sometimes a bit of cultivation and intentional nourishment is needed for its manifestation. The offerings are rooted in the notion that design thinking combined with mind management can be applied to foster epiphanical solutions for varying life scenarios. Services include handmade precious functionals, spatial analysis and design as it pertains to human health of psyche and heart, life counseling, hypnosis, and creative consultation. These are intended to be tools that can aid in the growth process. Each person’s specific journey and needs are synthesized to create unique transformation plans. The core of the change work focuses on asking pointed questions, identifying triggers and energetic stagnancies to train the unconscious mind to break habituated and unwanted patterns.

It is the exploratory creative studio and educational node of Nan(c(y)) Dalnim Kim, who has a background in art, architecture, teaching, design, hospitality development, community gatherings, and environmental research. 

They are fascinated by the quantum force of the mind and the plasticity of the body and use them as a tool to explore the phenomenological mysteries of being and evolving. They work through an animistic approach, primarily in handcraft, releasing cerebral constraints as they create. The life cycle of pieces are considered at conception, prioritizing biodegradability, easy disassembly, and reusability; furthering the notion that tangible objects can be in perpetual transformation without losing value.

They are a native New Yorker, have been working in mixed media arts since age three, hold a BFA in Architectural Design from Parsons School of Design, and a Master of Architecture degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where they were awarded The Energy Initiative Grant and Louis C. Rosenberg Thesis Fellowship. Most recently, they were Design Director at Ace Hotel Group, worked with craft focused companies like Henrybuilt, and taught design and drawing at Parsons School of Design. In addition to fifteen years of professional and academic experience, Nan is certified as a Counselor, Hypnotist, and in Healthier Materials and Sustainable Building, focusing on reducing toxicity in interior building environment.

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